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WRAP Magazine ‘Balance’




Issue 11 of Wrap Magazine features a beautifully illustrated cover by Brooklyn-based Ping Zhu and has been inspired by the word ‘balance’. Each issue of Wrap looks at the work of five exciting contemporary illustrators. The illustrators featured create exclusive prints for the issue and these can be pulled out and used as wrapping paper (or framed and hung on your wall).

The ‘Balance’ issue features work by Linda Linko, Clay Hickson, Alex Walker, Sophie Douala, and Peter Judson. There are interviews with Ping Zhu, a look at the world of set design and the vibrant design scene in Australia.


120 pages of carefully chosen paper stock, 5 pull out prints and a snapshot of the best in contemporary illustration.


Peter Judson’s Memphis group inspired vibrant candy coloured geometric illustrations. The most delicious things on our walls this Summer.


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