Colours May Vary – Leeds




‘Unfolding the saree’ by Studio Kohl (Mira Malhotra) is just about the cutest zine we have ever seen! It takes a look at the saree from its origins and traditions to its more titillating applications in Bollywood films! The zine takes the form of a saree folded over a coat hanger too. Who could resist that?

The zine comes in 2 colourways, either a yellow slip cover with a pink inner or a pink slip cover with a yellow inner! Both come on a super cute clothes hanger and you can see them hung on the gorgeous clothes rail that Mira made for the shop if you flick through the images.

The zine (folded in it’s slip cover) measures: 130mm x 105mm and unfolded: 900 x 900mm

If you want to see more, take a quick peek at our ELCAF blog from earlier this year!

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