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SuperLeeds 2 – Supermundane



Over the summer last year we were invited by Leeds Inspired to help decide on a piece of public art for Leeds train station. The design chosen was ‘SuperLeeds’ by¬†Supermundane alias Rob Lowe.

The mural was fitted over night in mid October and it is now permanently situated on the upper walkway. It is a hugely joyful and intelligent piece of work which lights up the station and our daily commute! You can watch the work being installed here

It was a very exciting project to be involved in and Rob suggested we should make a print so you could take it home with you too.

This edition is limited to 30 in each design (The designs mirror one another, if you visit the site you can see one on the frontside and the other as you pass over the bridge). The print is a beautifully bright Giclee print and measures 70 x 13.5 cm. Each print is signed and numbered by Rob.



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