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Shelf Heroes – Issue F


Inside: shelf heroes

The way we consume film has changed drastically over the last few years, from watching blockbusters on your phone to attending pop-up cinema in all sorts of weird and wonderful places. So given that, why should a magazine about movies stick to the formula? Shelf Heroes Issue F arrives in deconstructed form, with a pack of 10 full-colour double-sided illustrated posters and a black and white zine section dedicated to film writing. That’s not all, you’ll also get postcards, a sticker and a woven patch! Issue F throws up some absolute classics, from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off to First Blood, Funny Games to Footloose – so there’s plenty of to get your eyes into!


A movie magazine with a difference. Shelf Heroes celebrates the silver screen one letter at a time, bringing us illustrations, prose, poems and lots more. No ads, no trailers, this is 100% movie madness.


Always great to see Aidan Saunders (AKA Print Wagon) get among the pages and his Forrest gump poster is a belter.

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