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the plant

The Plant #11 ‘Aloe Vera’


Inside: plant

The latest issue of The Plant starts with a beautiful set of photographs of the cacti of the Mexico / US border and ends with an article on growing and cultivating our spiny friends – good job that this issue is titled Aloe Vera then, as we’ll need some skin treatment with all that prickly reading. Between spines are articles on plants and tectonic plates, a beautiful array of beehives, some sand dunes, pickles on sticks and … lots of other botanical bites!


This bi-annual publication presents all things botanical in a neat, curious and accessible way. Featuring not just plants themselves, it expands its focus to look at the work of people who love or are inspired by plants. Each edition focuses on one plant in particular and connects the theme via the work of visual artists, illustrators, photographers and writers.


The fantastical garden of Nikki De Saint Phalle in Tuscany. Shouldn’t all gardens have titanic tarot-based sculptures to adorn them?

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