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make creatures with felt mistress

Make Creatures With Felt Mistress


In February 2013, when we were just 4 months old and scaffolding surrounded our building, we had our first book launch and it was with the lovely and super talented Felt Mistress. For a month we had her incredible felt creatures all over our shop, and when we came to pack them up… well we didn’t really want to let them go (especially Demitri). We remember thinking ‘why can’t we make our helpless fingers make super furry animals like this?’ Well… now we can!

The new Felt Mistress book guides you through the making of a dozen gorgeous couture characters – heads, shoulders, knees and toes… and clothes! There are even a couple of designs by the wonderful Jon Burgerman and Pete Fowler, both firm shop favourites. creatures

Tips on fabrics, stuffing, stitching and ‘sembling all accompanied by the marvellous drawings of Jonathan Edwards. OH and there are full-sized pattern sheets for each of the characters… in the back… in a plastic pouch!

So if you fancy creating your own Grunch, Rokpok, Fringle or Bird Wrangler, this book is for you! Get stitching people!

Size: 250 x 190mm

Pages: 112 (+ pull out patterns!)

Publisher: Laurence King

Binding: Soft bound with dust jacket

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