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lunch Lady

Lunch Lady #7


Inside: lunch lady

Our favourite Antipodean food & family magazine is back and issue 7 shows a title going from strength-to-strength. Inside economist Tim Harford talks about how embracing the chaos of life could lead to better living, there’s a whole section given over to the humble carrot (from recipes to wrapping paper), and toy-makers Omy (Marie-Cerise Lichtle & Elvire Laurent) talk about their inspirations and products in a excellent Q&A. Elsewhere there are sticky buns, breakfast in bed, and the joy in making dens.


Lunch Lady is a quarterly journal about food and family. Born from Kate Berry’s blog, this beautiful magazine is a  blend of inspiring writing, gorgeous illustration and great photography.


First we thought the cut out lunch box notecards were the winning ticket, but then we saw the stickers. We love stickers. Stickers win.

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