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This Land: Cowboys and the Landscape of the American West, Peter Byrne (Signed Edition!)


‘This Land’ is a newly self-published book by the York-based photographer Peter Byrne. This documentary project took a year of Peter’s life, as he travelled in his VW camper van across twelve states of the US. During his time there he visited 45 different ranches, capturing on his 6×6 camera, the life of the modern day cowboy.

Peter writes “The cowboy has played a hugely important role in the history and culture of the American West. Just as importantly however, has been the land on which they have worked. It has provided the perfect stage on which to perform, and it is this alliance which has always intrigued me. I am captivated by the desolation of desert and mountains and their relationship with the loneliness and solitude of the cowboy, who appears almost lost and insignificant in this vast open country; how in many ways the landscape provides the perfect backdrop for those at one with nature; and how the ever-changing landscape can shape the temperament and personality of the cowboy, creating a unique bond, built on knowledge, respect and appreciation of the land.”

You can read more about Pete’s travels and work in our blog post here!

The book, an edition of 300 copies, has been self-published by Peter and beautifully designed by the acclaimed book designer Daniel Benneworth-Gray. In addition the book comes in four different wrap covers, each depicting a different image from the book (you can choose your cover when you purchase).

Size: 170 x 240mm

Pages: 112

Publisher: Reckless Publications

Binding: Soft cover with section sewn ‘lay flat’ binding

Signed Edition


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