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Flow magazine

Flow Magazine #19


Inside: FLOW

Flow Magazine is back helping us to live mindfully, feel connected, simplify your life and spoil yourself. With articles about remaining optimistic, adjusting to the solitary life and not taking our thoughts too seriously, it certainly seems clued into current times! Elsewhere there is an articles on furniture designer and architect Eileen Gray, an interview with author Jocelyn K. Glei, who researches ways we can find more creativity in our work and a focus on the Dutch organisation ‘The Refugee Company’ who work with talented asylum seekers.


Flow Magazine celebrates ‘creativity, imperfection and life’s little pleasures’. With regular sections centred around being connected, simplifying your life, spoiling yourself and mindfulness, it provides a way to slow down, take your time, take comfort in small pleasure and … get crafty with loads of papery goodness.


Illustrators, including shop favourites Dick Vincent and Brie Harrison, draw the things in life that make them happy. I’ve just doodled a coffee, so i’m off to get one.

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