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Cranked #10


Inside: cranked

Cranked reaches issue no. 10 with a mud splattered smile and perspiration on its brow and continues to take us off-road in search of two wheeled thrills and spills. Inside we meet the riders undertaking a gruelling ride across the rugged horse trails of Lesotho, take on the mountain biking North/South divide (what no Wales?), and meet the Kiwi mountain biker taking on tunnel vision head on. Elsewhere photographer Joolz Diamond snaps some ace portraits of bike-packers, and a chap who’s transformed a van into a massive mobile ramp.


Cranked is a British quarterly publication which celebrates mountain biking in all of its forms. A combination of great personal stories, in-depth interviews and brilliant photography.


Dan Milner’s ruminations on the trappings of the mountain bike life that you hang on to even after they’ve long worn out – the cranks, gloves, grips and rims.

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